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  • vaultmp gary 3 preview

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    1. Xolitude's Avatar
      Xolitude -
      Shit man, nice job!!!
    1. raynor009's Avatar
      raynor009 -
      Brings a tear to my eye :') . Can't wait to play!
    1. face2face's Avatar
      face2face -
      Very good job
    1. CTCCoco's Avatar
      CTCCoco -
      Very nice... impressive.
    1. tokoloshe's Avatar
      tokoloshe -
      Looks Ace (ventura pet detective) You are cooler than that orangutan from junglebook
    1. ArathHunter's Avatar
      ArathHunter -
      I second Raynor.
    1. Kiwi1337's Avatar
      Kiwi1337 -
      This looks amazing. I can't wait. This is more exciting than fucking Fallout 4 tbh.
    1. JohnnyD's Avatar
      JohnnyD -
      It's really come a long way since the beginning. XD