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  • [REV-147] VaultMP Installer

    Courtesy of Aleksander we now have a simple installer for VaultMP. This installer will automatically place VaultMP.exe and VaultMP.dll file to your Fallout 3/NV directory, default.fos in your game saves directory, and install FOSE.
    If you need any further assistance or help with the mod, please head over to our forums.

    Fallout 3 - Revision 147
    Fallout NV - Revision 147
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    1. Volumed's Avatar
      Volumed -
      Great Aleksander!
    1. Seanykins's Avatar
      Seanykins -
      I have a quick question, I installed the mod.
      Now, how can I start playing ? I can't see any .exe's or anything else in the Fallout: NV directory. It says it is installed, though, cannot see it.
    1. killer889is's Avatar
      killer889is -
      Great mod keep working on it
    1. Aeronix's Avatar
      Aeronix -
      No problem guys, I'm trying my best to assist the community and provide ease to VaultMP's installation.
    1. SubatomicHamster's Avatar
      SubatomicHamster -
      Thank you so much for this.
    1. coryba1's Avatar
      coryba1 -
      This is awesome thankyou!!!!!
    1. Volumed's Avatar
      Volumed -
      This is a older version.