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  • vaultmp 0.1a snapshot "Gary 2" (release #8)

    This is a bugfix release ("gary 2.8") which resolves the following issues:
    • Desync of alert / sneaking state
    • "Radiation suit equipment bug"
    • vaultgui no longer depends on VC++12 runtime
    • Overall improvements and bugfixes

    New features:
    • Item lists (scripting)
    • Kick script function
    • host parameter (vaultserver.ini)
    • Command line argument overwrites (vaultserver)
    • DOOR and TERM types in scripting records header
    • Deletion of static in-game objects
    • Proper support of moving items between cells via scripts

    Please update your version. Previous releases will no longer be able to use the master server.

    Note: This release does no longer support Fallout: New Vegas. See the previous news post.

    If you are getting world loading errors (or loading screen freezes), please check this thread:
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    1. Airthrust's Avatar
      Airthrust -
      I will take it a look this long weekend we have in Spain to see the new features. Glad you keep working! (also the congrats goes to Roby65!)
    1. Jamy555's Avatar
      Jamy555 -
      Awesome. I've been telling all my friends about VaultMP. Will check this out soon. Cheers man, and continue the great work!
    1. Smoria's Avatar
      Smoria -
      Just awesome
    1. Theluisisla's Avatar
      Theluisisla -
      No hay NPC ni objetos ¿Cuando lo pondras los NPC y Objetos?/There aren't NPC and objects. When you put your NPC and objects?
    1. Jamy555's Avatar
      Jamy555 -
      @Theluisisla Yes, that is correct, afaik NPC's and objects have been removed due to errors caused by such objects and may or may not be re-implemented at a later date. At the moment, all we have is a basic NPC AI that is able to attack all connected players, and the players are also able to cumulatively attack back.