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  • vaultmp 0.1a snapshot "Gary 2" (bugfix #6)

    This is a bugfix release ("gary 2.6") which resolves the following issues:
    • Server / client crash related to containers
    • Server crash related to stacktrace lib
    • Server crash related to EquipItem

    New features:
    • OnServerInit, OnServerExit script callbacks
    • SetItemCount, SetItemCondition script functions

    Please update your version. Previous releases will no longer be able to use the master server.

    If you are getting world loading errors (or loading screen freezes), please check this thread:
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    1. SNkael114's Avatar
      SNkael114 -
      Really good work !
    1. foxtacles's Avatar
      foxtacles -
      Quote Originally Posted by SNkael114 View Post
      Really good work !
      Thank you!
    1. Mera7's Avatar
      Mera7 -
      God, the fact that a Fallout Multiplayer system is actually being developed is phenomenal.

      Thank you for everything, and keep up the good work.