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  • vaultmp 0.1a snapshot "Gary 2" (bugfix #1)

    This is a bugfix release ("gary 2.1") which resolves the following issues:

    • Server crash after respawn
    • A client crash after a player left the server
    • Melee weapons not being handled properly
    • RemoveAllItemsEx startup failure (only experimental)

    Please update your version. The "gary 2" release will no longer be able to use the master server.

    If you are getting world loading errors, please check this thread:

    Fallout: New Vegas is known to crash as soon as a second player joins a server. I hope to be able to fix this quick. Any support is very appreciated.
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    1. YYYxaxaxa's Avatar
      YYYxaxaxa -
      How to Play Coop?
    1. Agent's Avatar
      Agent -
      can someone please make another server, the other is full, or can someone make the other server 4 player please lol
    1. CTCCoco's Avatar
      CTCCoco -
      Keep up the work !
    1. Chris018's Avatar
      Chris018 -
      Awesome, I am seeing a lot more playability out of this even if it is just alpha. Already started working on some awesome pawn scripts . Keep up the awesome work!