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  • vaultmp 0.1a snapshot "Gary 2" (release #7)

    This is a bugfix release ("gary 2.7") which resolves the following issues:
    • Client crash related to firing of weapons
    • Overall improvements and bugfixes

    New features:
    • 36 new scripting functions
    • Game data records scripting header (C/C++ only)
    • Synchronization of static containers
    • Synchronization of doors / terminals (lock status)
    • Synchronization of owner status
    • Synchronization of 9 cells at a time instead of 1
    • New chat GUI
    • 'keepalive' server setting

    Please update your version. Previous releases will no longer be able to use the master server.

    Note: I'm aware of a couple of major bugs (i.e. the "radiation suit equipment bug" and "zero health bug"). These have not yet been fixed, but I'm working on it. There will be another bugfix release when I'm done.

    Also note that the installation process for the client has changed. To install vaultmp, extract all files of the client package into your Fallout folder. Then run vaultmp/vaultmp.exe or vaultmp/vaultmpd.exe.

    If you are getting world loading errors (or loading screen freezes), please check this thread:
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    1. Volumed's Avatar
      Volumed -
      "Synchronization of 9 cells at a time instead of 1" very nice, very nice.
      Again a awesome update.
    1. KampinKarl's Avatar
      KampinKarl -
    1. Silentfood's Avatar
      Silentfood -
      Curious question, what are cells?
    1. foxtacles's Avatar
      foxtacles -
      The exterior worldspaces are divided into cells:
    1. Dantiko's Avatar
      Dantiko -
      This was a very big step, congratulations.
    1. Smoria's Avatar
      Smoria -
      This is f awesome
    1. CTCCoco's Avatar
      CTCCoco -
      Good work !