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Progress on vaultmp

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holidays are over again And now I'm back into university and my jobs. During the last 2 weeks, I've made significant progress on important parts of vaultmp, though: I'm happy to announce that I plan to release a heavily improved version of the mod by the end of February (that is, when I passed my exams and have some more time to perform the last touches on the version).

Sorry if you expected a new version by now, but I want to make sure that I have enough time to support a new version for at least some weeks after the release, which I don't have ATM
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  1. Dantiko's Avatar
    No problem, we wait...
    And about this heavily improved version, just a curiosity, will combat sync be ready?
  2. Persious's Avatar
    Well, most of all, good luck with your exams!
  3. mcgarder's Avatar
    i just want to make one suggestion this is a mod and i can tell you no one person i know who makes mods doesnt use cheats to get to them right away also i love the mod but make the server hub and dont change the game it would most likly be easier and wouldnt take long but i am just getting into scripting so i am new so if i am wrong about this let me know i am not trying to be a how do you put it be an a$$.
  4. mcgarder's Avatar
    and good luck i almost forgot