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Thread: Fatal Error While Trying To Join Server.

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    I had this problem, got the new version, now im getting an error that says "storage has expired" any idea what i should do?

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    im actually getting an error withOUT a message, i start up my exe i join my server, but when i join, the menu isnt skipped, i go with it and make a new game, then, wierd thing happens, i get stuck looking at the sky looking back and forth, if there is a solution found on another forum, please direct me to such!

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    Please help me! I can not find servers

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    If you have done all well, you cant find servers because nobody is hosting one the time you tried. Think that vaultmp is still in alpha stage and right now, the best thing to do is put your own server and see what can you do, what cant you... stability, play with the scripts...

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    Where are the scripts, do you know?

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    If you see where the Home, Forums, Wiki... buttons, there's Scripting docs button. In that section you will find a lot of functions that you can use to your script (equip a weapon, change name of your server, change your ID player...and more things).

    Im not a scripter, so I went to Scripting subforum, and download some of the scripts people has released. Reading the structure I was able to change some things the way I wanted to be, modify and add others.

    PD. If you need the ID of characters, weapons, armour, cells... you will find them at
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    thanks bud, appreciate it. I'm using the EX / Easy server script for the moment which has some of those features, I used the console for items. I'll look into forums. I think certain weapons may crash the server or client since they aren't synced. I could be wrong. not sure if there is a list of working ones.

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    Most weapons should work except for throwables, mines, and some melee ones. If you encounter a problem with any other weapon please report it.

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    I will report any issues I can find my friend.
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    Foxtacles i want to continue New Vegas mp support if you want, give me files to server and i will make a try. thx

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