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How to set up the server and connect

This short guide will give you the information you need to run a server and connect to it.

[top]Connecting to a server

Extract the contents of the client archive into your game folder (where Fallout3.exe is located). Run vaultmp/vaultmp.exe or vaultmp/vaultmpd.exe and query the master server to get a list of online servers. If you can't see any servers then there likely is none online. Check the forums / main page for news.

[top]Set up the dedicated server

If you want others to be able to connect to your dedicated server (from the internet), you have to forward port 1770 (default) in your router configuration and in your firewall (or define an exception). The server ships with a configuration file (vaultserver.ini) which you can edit in order to customize your server.

General settings:
masterAddress of the master server (IP:port). The port is optional. Defaults to ""
portThe port the server will listen on. Defaults to 1770
hostThe IP address to listen on
queryCan be either 0 or 1. Enables direct server query. Defaults to 1
playersNumber of player slots. Defaults to 4
spawnDetermines the spawn cell of new players (hexadecimal cell ID). Defaults to Vault101Exterior (Fallout 3) and Goodsprings (New Vegas)
fileserveCan be either 0 or 1. Enables file downloading from the server. Defaults to 0
fileslotsNumber of maximum parallel fileserve connections. Defaults to 8
keepaliveIf the server encounters an error, automatically restart. Defaults to 0

Script settings:
scriptsComma seperated list of PAWN / C++ scripts, will be loaded in the given order. The pathes are relative to ./

Mod settings:
modsComma seperated list of mod files required to play on this server, will be loaded in the given order. The pathes are relative to ./mods/ (clientside: gamedir/Data/.)