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Thread: Arsenal (The Enclave)

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    Arsenal (The Enclave)

    Plasma Rifle
    Plasma rifle is a lightweight urban warfare weapon created by REPCONN Aerospace for the US Army based on engine parts from the failed Z43-521P - "Green Bean" plasma-powered rocket. Like the AER9 laser rifle, it uses a micro fusion cell as its power supply. It taps into the cell, essentially a small fusion reactor, to produce a toroid of plasma that is ejected down a superconductor barrel. In contrast to the Winchester P94, it does not have the electromagnetic claws.

    Plasma Pistol

    Plasma pistol has five tributary energy arcs connected to a central cathode, and the cathode functions as a point of focus, or the barrel. The energy is projected forward, probably by electromagnetic propeller built around the cathode. The propelled energy forms a Plasma Pinch; though rather slow, the pinch carries high levels of both thermal and kinetic energy.

    AER9 Laser Rifle

    The AER9 features a titanium housed crystal array which proved to withstand long years of exposure to the elements much better than the gold alloy housing of the later models. As a result, the crystal arrays stayed focused within operating parameters, rather than falling completely out of focus like the newer models. Power is drawn from microfusion cells and processed through a wave/particle diverter manufactured by General Atomics International. The diverters are protected by a carbon-fiber housing, preventing frequent malfunction, but when a diverter fails the weapon becomes unusable

    Laser Pistol

    As the successor to the AEP5, it boasted a redesigned focusing crystal pattern, an improved photonic focusing chamber, and selectable laser focus, wave length, pulse energy and repetition rate. In addition, it was lighter and less bulky than its predecessor and was perceived as a step toward replacing the N99 10mm pistol with a laser weapon as the standard issue sidearm for military forces.

    Heavy Incinerator

    The heavy incinerator is essentially a napalm launcher; it lobs flammable fuel with a splash damage possibility at the target in an arc. These 'projectiles' cause splash damage, and will most often set the enemy on fire, unless a large 'miss' variance is registered. The heavy incinerator can be fired at extremely long distances with relatively good accuracy


    The flamer is by far the most effective big gun for close-quarters action, as it doesn't have as much warm-up as the minigun or the risk-to-self of the missile launcher or Fat Man

    Missile launcher

    A very common and very powerful big gun, the potential of the missile launcher is somewhat reduced by its long reload time and inability to kill anything stronger than a super mutant brute in a single shot.

    A fully-repaired missile launcher can fire 83 missiles before breaking.

    Sniper Rifle

    This sniper rifle is an older model of the famed DKS-501. Chambered for .308 ammunition, it's also extremely fragile and requires regular repair and maintenance to keep it in working condition.

    Tesla Cannon

    The Tesla cannon is a pre-War, portable, directable energy weapon. It was designed to be used as a lightweight, compact anti-tank weapon. The design was named after Nikola Tesla, whose designs for the technology were seized by the US government after his death. When used, the cannon projects a blast that will damage the enemy on impact with a lingering aftermath of electricity reducing the enemy's health.

    The cryo mine deals a single point of damage to its target, but also freezes them solid for 3 seconds

    Pulse Mine

    It is a mine that can be placed on the ground. When stepped on by an enemy, it releases a powerful burst of electricity similar to the pulse grenade. It deals substantial damage to Robots and characters wearing power armor, but only minor damage to other targets

    Plasma Mine

    The plasma mine is similar to a frag mine (only more powerful) and erupts into a fiery cloud of green plasma when it explodes

    Pulse Grenade

    The pulse grenade is a weapon that creates a large crackling electromagnetic pulse, dealing only minor damage to biological creatures, but far more damage to mechanical targets such as robots and automated turrets. In addition, most robots are disabled for a few seconds by the burst, leaving them open to attack.

    Plasma Grenade

    The plasma grenade is a magnetically-sealed plasma delivery unit, with detonating explosives, creating a fiery blast of green superheated plasma on detonation, with a high chance to cripple limbs. A critical hit will reduce the target to green goo, even though criticals deal no extra damage. It seems to have the same blast radius as its less powerful variant, the frag grenade.

    Nuka Grenade

    Nuka-grenades are crude, yet effective bombs consisting of a sealed Tin can filled with Nuka-Cola Quantum, Abraxo cleaner and turpentine, which react with one another to explode. Around the middle are several strips of tape and the word "RADIATION" or "DANGER" written in black marker.

    Cryo Grenade

    The cryo grenade deals only one point of damage to targets, but will freeze them solid for 3 seconds

    Bio-gas canister

    It deploys a cloud of natural gas on the target. As with all gas leaks, it will ignite from explosives, energy weapons and conventional fire while inside the cloud. This results in a fireball on the target.

    Power Fist

    Similar in construction to the "Big Frigger" power fist and others, the pneumatic power fist is a large metal glove, with a piston built in above the wearer's fist. The piston shoots forward with every punch, dealing more damage than most unarmed weapons. It no longer uses energy cells to operate

    These Heavy Weapons are Extremly Dangerous for the Enclave enemies.
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    Re: Arsenal

    Which weapon do Enclave Scientist use?
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    Re: Arsenal

    USually Laser Pistol
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    Re: Arsenal

    All images and informations above is not for Copy, If you copy that mean your brain are made from Ashes

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    Re: Arsenal

    [quote author=Crawdy link=topic=167.msg1589#msg1589 date=1314733153]
    We use.

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    Re: Arsenal

    Tesla cannon=MAX DESTRUCTION!

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