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Thread: EX | Easy server setup

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    We need an update for this script

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    Yes, would not hurt to upgrade to the new version of the multiplayer. RU(Да, не помешало бы обновление под новую версию мультиплеера.)

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    Too bad this is dead, an update would be cool.

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    Sorry for the late update to newest server version...
    Currently script is Windows only :/

    New version:
    *Fixed some crashes

    Now you must include default scripts(pickup.dll,ilview.dll,cview.dll) to scripts list in your vaultserver.ini

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    Oh wow... I'm very pleasently surprised! Can't wait to try this out! ...Maybe tomorrow, hopefully I can remember how to do... anything, it's been so long since I touched any of this!

    Thanks Smoria!

    Edit: Okay, tried it out. The menu is gone which is nice, but Tab is still disabled (F1-F4 still works if you give yourself a Pipboy through console and equip through console, but a PDA mod is messing with that on my end), Esc and can't open containers (or sit), Weapons have infinite ammo, and I didn't test this bit out very well, but I think I didn't take any damage from drops (radiation and kill command still killed me though), didn't/couldn't test being shot at yet to see if I'm damaged. Master Server seems to have been turned off, so I'm not sure but, would it be better to roll back a release to have something that works better? I remember the last one I was able to shoot, injure and kill another player, I even got disarmed once I think.

    Edit: okay, forgot to add those other .dll's before, but I didn't see any changes... or maybe I entered them wrong?
    I did it as

    Should I do it another way? I'll try with Commas next ( scripts=ex.dll, pickup.dll, ilview.dll, cview.dll)
    Edit: Didn't work. It also didn't enable ex.dll entering it that way.
    Though I'm curious at what these do exactly.
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    ArathHunter, sorry for the late answer. I didn't saw topic updates after You edited your post.

    Dll's must be comma seperated without space after comma. Also make sure that all dll's are located in the same folder as "vaultserver.exe". You can see if script is enabled or not in server console.

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