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Thread: FoA Ranks (Tentative)

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    Re: FoA Ranks (Tentative)

    [quote author=savino1234 link=topic=246.msg2411#msg2411 date=1315280373]
    [quote author=Lokies link=topic=246.msg2409#msg2409 date=1315279122]
    So confused on what is happening with this diagram

    Hahaha ;D. Well not much yet but hopefully it can be used when vaultmp goes online .

    I am serious, I have no idea what is happening
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    Re: FoA Ranks (Tentative)

    Thread has been restored. Carry on lads 8).

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    Re: FoA Ranks (Tentative)

    While these ranks are frankly... badass, I think it's important that we remember these are in no way the "official lore" rankings for the Followers of the Apocalypse in the slightest way. I repeat, these ranks are NOT lore friendly, they are only for role playing purposes.

    *Message mainly for noobs to the forums so they don't get confused

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