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Thread: Questions & Answers

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    Questions & Answers

    Hello there. I need to a few answers for my questions, so...
    1.When will be available to play?
    2.When will be first stable version?
    3. How many players can play in 1 server?
    4. Will be there original textures of Fallout 1 and 2 weapons, items, iterface?
    5. How respawn will look like? If player die, when and where he or she will respawn?
    6. Will be there option for servers to use ONLY real time combat, WITHOUT VATS?

    Please answer for questions.

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    Re: Questions & Answers

    there will be no VATS at all, all things and weapons will be from Fallout 3 (original + server's owner mods), the reliese will be but we dont know the date cause we got a lot work to do. U can play now - but its just a test yet. U can set up the number of players - there is no limit from 1 to unlimited - how much or pc will take.
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    Re: Questions & Answers

    respawn to will be mostly server script. could be you just respawn somewhere with everything back in your inventory (TDM) or you respawn at hospital with empty inventory (hardcore rp) that really depends on what the gamemode tells it to.

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    Re: Questions & Answers

    Nice. I will do something like FOnline game - if you die, you lost all equipment. Will be there a few gameplay modes? Like TDM, Free for all FPS style, RolePlay or PvE?

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    Re: Questions & Answers

    do you know SAMP? you have gamemodes there depending on a script right? well, this will be basicly the same. you will have the ablility to make your own gamemode for your server, with it's own distinct rules. so yes, you should be able to have TDM, free for all, rp, pve etc etc.

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    Re: Questions & Answers

    I know San Andreas MP but I don't play it. Thank you for answer.

    I will check test servers today.

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    Re: Questions & Answers

    OK, guys I downloaded client from this topic. Perfect working, but what client is in wiki? There's revison 134 alpha, is that new?

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    Re: Questions & Answers

    Yes its the last one - yet. wait for the next
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    Re: Questions & Answers

    Yea, I was wondering Does this mod Work for Fallout 3, Steam Or do i really need to go out and buy it agian?

    Thanks for your Help
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    Re: Questions & Answers

    You can make the Steam version of Fallout 3 work by replacing your Fallout3.exe by the one of the Non-Steam edition. There might be some legal problems with this, though. I'm going to add support for the Steam version soon anyway

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