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Thread: Introduce yourselves and welcome new members here!

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    I'm back! Woohoo!! Glad to see you guys are still working on this. I remember back when this thing only used pawn and then you brought c++ into the mix. Hope to be on here more often. Glad see everyone again.

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    My name is Ljubisa, I'm 17, still in highschool, I live in Macedonia.
    I'm pretty much your average gamer, play most of the games, tho I've been addicted to SA-MP since 2007, with a few breaks. I'm an administrator on a community called Project Gaming, got the link from a friend of mine over there.
    I'm an average mapper, know C++, thinking of teaching myself Java. I dunno.
    I am very excited for this, when I first heard about it my jaw dropped to the ground.
    Anyways, that's about it. See you guys around. Will check on progress very often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi1337 View Post
    I'm an average mapper, know C++, thinking of teaching myself Java. I dunno.

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    An old time SA-MP player, expecting great things of this, Post-Apocalyptic RP is best RP, done that on so many platforms (LARP, SAMP, Mc-RP). I know a bit of scripting and programming, not too much, definitely not enough. GFX is my thing.

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    Avid Pawn Scripter, SA-MP roleplay dev, MySQL nut and all around nerd. Ohai.
    Owner of the Fallout 3 Roleplay for Obelisk Gaming
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    As of today I've been apart of VaultMP's forum for 2 years, but I never got around to introducing myself. I'm not a programmer, scripter or coder, just an avid gamer like most. I've been watching this project evolve for a while, and can't express how happy I am to see it in it's current state and also wanted to thank Foxtacles and the rest of the guys for all the work they've done here. Hello, and take care!

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