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Thread: New vegas server files

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    New vegas server files

    does anyone here have the older files to give me to create a newvegas server ?

    Pss the link if you have plzzz

  2. #2 As far as I can find from the list of older ones. this is the newist that list FoNv on it. I am new here and am unsure if current release supports FoNv at all.

    Btdubs. Hello every one! I'm going to abuse the crud out of my alt computer with a server! (once I figure out how to work this) <3 <3 to every one here for making/supporting this!

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    The latest version that supported New Vegas gary 2.7 is no longer online. There are no binaries anymore. You could compile it from source, but it's not recommended. There were several unresolved issues with Fallout: New Vegas, I doubt you would have any joy with it.

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