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Thread: What happened?

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    What happened?

    Hey guys, it's been a long time.
    What's been going on with the project? By the way, I want to apologize for being an ass on here. I was young and really immature.

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    Not much, I think fox died.

    Who are you?

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    Who am I...? I don't know how to answer that :P

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    Yeah, i think too. He do not commented my 2 PRs in GitHub, and not commented about ESx-Reader. =(
    From Russia with love.

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    I need to learn C++ and ASM :3

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    It would be nice =)
    From Russia with love.

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    I think we can safely assume that this isn't going to happen.

    RIP Fox.

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    If I can fix Wine prefix in my Linux PC, may I will independent fork of VaultMP. But my knowledge of assembly language for systems development poor.

    VaultMP are always in need of engineers for reverse engineering.

    Foxtacles switched from Fallout in Final Fantasy. According to the Twitter =D
    From Russia with love.

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