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Thread: How to create a server + master server with hamachi [tut]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronnieice27 View Post
    I have a problem when trying to launch my server for newvegas when i try to connect it says new incoming connection from then straight after while newvegas is launching it says client disconnected

    this is what my vaultserver file looks like.
    # vaultserver configuration file

    game=newvegas ;can be "fallout3" or "newvegas"
    master= ;master server address, default is: (can have the format IPort)
    port=1770 ;the port to run the server on, default is: 1770 (UDP for game, TCP for fileserve)
    query=1 ;enable direct query, default is: 1
    players=4 ;number of player slots, default is: 4
    fileserve=1 ;allow users to download required files (such as mods) from the server, default is: 0
    save=newvegas\default.fos ;savegame for the players to load (need to be located in the folder "saves")
    fileslots=8 ;maximum number of parallel fileserve connnections, default is: 8

    ;comma seperated list of PAWN / C++ scripts, will be loaded in the given order
    ;scripts need to be located in the root
    It's your own choose for using a old version of VaultMP, don't expect anyone to support you.

    "The latest version that supported New Vegas gary 2.7 is no longer online. There are no binaries anymore. You could compile it from source, but it's no recommended. There were several unresolved issues with Fallout: New Vegas, I doubt you would have any joy with it."
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